A revitalizing and healthful blend of Chicken in refreshing Coconut Water

This wholesome recipe provides cats with the nourishing boost they need to be at optimal health.

Coconut Water contains a high level of electrolytes which ensures adequate hydration and provides energy boost. It is also loaded with nutrients like Vitamin C, calcium and potassium which benefits the immune system and maintains bone health and bodily functions.


Aatas Cat canned food is a great way to add some variety to your cat’s diet, in addition to providing an alternate source of water for healthy hydration!


Savor the delectable freshness of succulent Chicken shreds in refreshing Coconut Water.



  • Come in 70g Size
  • Contains fresh chicken with Coconut Water
  • Natural and flavourful
  • Suited for all life stages

    Aatas Cat Finest Fruity Feast Chix with Coconut Water in Gravy Wet Food 70g

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