Kittens need specially formulated food for proper development and growth. CIAO Grilled Pouch for Kitten
is purposefully created just for your kittens- providing a convenient and instant wet food that is highly
palatable and filled with natural flavours. Using fresh dolphin-safe tuna that is lightly grilled to perfection,
every pouch is irresistibly delicious for your kitties to enjoy a wholesome mealtime.



  • Suitable for all life stages and all breeds
  • Grain-Free with No Pork, No Lard
  • 100% Human-Grade Quality Ingredients
  • Convenient storage and feeding
  • Made with deep-sea tuna certified Dolphin Safe
  • Excellent source of Hydration

Ciao Grilled Pouch – Grilled Tuna Flakes with Sliced Bonito & Scallop in Jelly f