CIAO Pon Churu is the first-in-the-world CUP CAT TREAT! Each pack of Pon Churu comes with 2 cups, so your
cat can enjoy double the delight! Made with delicious bonito fish – Pon Churu Bonito with Sliced Bonito is a
must-try for all cats, especially if they absolutely love the taste of fragrant bonito! Add in CIAO Pon Churu
into your cat’s everyday treat time or meal time, we’re sure they’ll love it as it’s highly palatable. It also
provides much-needed moisture to ensure your cats stay hydrated all the time!



  • First-in-the-world mini cup cat treat!
  • Feed as an individual treat, topper for dry food or meal mixer
  • 100% Premium Human-Grade Ingredients
  • Unique premium packaging using latest technology
  • Suitable for all cats of all life stages and all breeds
  • Made with sustainably-caught deep-sea tuna certified dolphin-safe
  • Contains Green Tea Extract and Vitamin E for stronger immune system and functional benefits

Ciao Pon Churu Bonito with Sliced Bonito Cup Cat Treats (35g x 2)

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