Daily Delight Mousse features an airy and velvety blend combined with pristine Tuna from the Western Pacific Ocean or fresh deboned Chicken, to create a recipe that even the most picky eaters will learn to love! Crafted with minimal ingredients, Daily Delight Mousse is a rich combination of either fresh shredded chicken or tasty tuna that are bound to appease your fastidious feline. Containing absolutely no by-products and finished with a smooth texture, digestion and absorption is certainly made easier for senior cats and growing kittens. Together with its remarkable high moisture content, kitty cats are rest assured to be kept hydrated at all times! Our formulas are fortified with Taurine, an essential amino acid that all cats need to ensure optimum eye and heart protection for cats of all life stages, as well as Vitamin E to strengthen overall immune system and protect the body from free radicals.



  • Made with REAL fresh chicken and tuna
  • Grain-Free: NO corn, wheat, soy, rye, barley, maize or rice
  • Crafted with minimal ingredients
  • Great for cats with low thirst drive
  • Suitable for syringe-feeding
  • Suitable for kittens, recovering cats, cats with poor appetite, seniors and geriatric cats of all life stages and breeds

Daily Delight Mousse with Tuna Canned Cat Food 80g